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Weight Management

If you have lost weight and have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, RDN Nutrition can help you define and set your goals. 

The stress of work, travel, and family events can contribute to weight changes. Let’s figure out what works for you!

Services & Programs:
  • Customized Weight Loss Program: 2-12 week programs
  • Supermarket Tours: group and individual available
  • Kitchen and Recipe Makeovers
  • ​Cooking Classes

Diabetes Self-Care Management

Diabetes can be the start of a new and improved lifestyle. If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or have struggled with diabetes for years, RDN Nutrition can work with you to start a healthier lifestyle with a fresh approach to shopping and cooking.

 At RDN Nutrition we don’t give you a diet. We work 
with you to develop the lifestyle plan that is as individual as you.
Services & Programs:
  • Customized Diabetes-Care Program: 6-12 week programs
  • ​​Supermarket Tours: group and individual available
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • Diabetic Cooking Classes


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Menopause Weight Management
Gut Health
Menopause and perimenopause are difficult times for many women who may struggle with weight gain.  Lifestyle changes such as physical activity and nutrition can help to make the menopause transition easier. RDN Nutrition will work with you to identify and change old lifestyle habits that are contributing to new weight gain.

GUT Health:
Managing the symptoms of poor gut health, such as diarrhea, can completely disrupt your life.  Let’s discover what foods are the “good” “bad” and the “ugly”. With so many related gut issues from lactose intolerance to celiac disease, let RDN Nutrition sort it out with you.